Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hello peeps,

Today, I wanna talk about my family. I don't have a perfect family. That's the most basic fact about me. But, I can say I'm the happiest girl alive right now. More than anyone else could be. At this particular moment. Some people might view my family as weird or strange. Trust me, some do. I like it that way. Some said to me, "Don't you wanna change your family for better ?" I would answer straight away, "Of course not." I could not ask for more than this. My family and I are very happy with our condition now. There's no point of changing everything, just to be normal. I have parents and a lovely brother. That's the definition of perfect to me. Compared to others who don't have parents or siblings.

Daddy and I

We have an extraordinary dad-daughter relationship. We talk a lot. We share almost everything ; about my life, his and ours. I just don't understand how a daughter can be so awkward with their dad after they grew up. I mean, this is the person who grows you up and cheers you up when you were down cause you fought with your only best friend at school. Does it make sense ? NO. My dad spoils me a lot. He can be very bold and straight forward sometimes, but he tries his best to be the best daddy for us. Oh yeah, he jokes a lot and he can be very cute sometimes. I adore my dad for his view about this world. He knows a lot of things and you can talk to him for 24/7 and never get bored of it.

Mommy and I

This one woman who would be there during my ups and downs. I thank Allah swt for giving me such a beautiful and perfect woman as my mother. Couldn't ask for more. She can be very scary sometimes but there's a soft and motherly side of her. She loves shopping, just like me. And we would spend hours at the shopping malls. We love to talk, almost about everything. And I love her with all of my heart. Thanks, Mama.

Brother and I

He was born when I was two so when I was a kid, I always felt like he shouldn't be born cause I got less attention than before he was born. But, as we grew older, even though the only thing we did was fighting, I started to realize that he is my other half. Without him, I couldn't live my life as I am right now. We became closer when we hit puberty and we started to realize that there's always a chance to change our sister-brother relationship for better. We started to share a lot of secrets together and the best part is when he started to open up to me and share his secrets instead of talk about it with my parents. It's a good feeling. And years after that, we are inseparable. I learn a lot of him even though he's younger. He's maturer than me and that makes me like a little sister.

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