Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hello, earthlings.

It's been a few months since I last updated my blog. I guess, time isn't a lovely friend to me. So, I have a week off from my hectic life and I can say that it's really a pleasure to actually put everything to rest just for a week. To clear everything that's been bothering since the new year started. 

Basically, I just hang out by myself at home since my Mom is working and my Dad is currently staying in Kuala Lumpur for a few weeks to do some works while my brother as usual, is pretty busy balancing his love life and student life. Damn it. I hate him. I have this feeling that he got a better love life than mine. Hahaha.

 So, to avoid from having a boring weekend, I decided to watch an episode of TeukSo Couple from We Got Married where they had Lee Donghae and Eun Seo as another couple in the episode. Trust me. I was overwhelmed to see both couples having their best moments in their life. But, one thing bothered me more than anything else. It was scene where Donghae who's not really familiar with women, trying very hard to capture Eun Seo's heart. You could see how awkward they could be and the conversation between them wasn't in a smooth flow. But, Eun Seo's heart was captured by Donghae's cuteness and his effort to make a perfect date for her. 

Donghae doesn't have a lot of dating experience. You could see how nervous he was when Eun Seo came for their date, how he was so happy when he got to hold Eun Seo's hands. He is a pure man. With his looks, a lot of girls will come after him but his heart doesn't waver even for once. It's good to know this kind of guy still exist in this world. 

Donghae and Eun Soe ended their date with a surprise prepared by Donghae. It was an orchestra in a very large antic ball room. Since, Eun Seo didn't know how to dance Waltz, Donghae teached him a few basic steps of Waltz. Thanks God, Eun Seo is a quick learner. They danced Waltz with perfect background music. They also danced a little Tango and I can say it was a perfect date for both of them. And Eun Seo is a very lucky girl.

P/S ;
If you prepare this much on your first date,
believe you in me, the girl might die of happiness.

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