Thursday, February 2, 2012

He is My Other Half

Hello, lovelies.

So, tonight, I'm going to talk about my brother. The one and only. My most precious thing on Earth. He is two years younger than me. Not too much of an age different. We're like a normal brother and sister. Except that, the bond we have is a little bit extraordinary. A bond where I don't have to speak for him to ask me, "What's wrong ?". He looks up on me as an inspiration while I'm not.  He thinks I am a genius while I'm far from the word clever. He thinks I'm a child, parents would hope to have. No, baby brother. I'm not. I am a very bad student. I fail sometimes. I'm not clever nor smart. I'm just an ordinary student.

The pressure being the oldest child in the family is GIGANTIC. It's even worst when you have only two siblings. It's between my brother and I. Society think, as the oldest child, I need to show good examples to my brother so he can follow the path I took. How the hell can I be that, when I don't even know, there are paths I need to choose ?

My brother might not be a good child to my parents. But, I really think he's a good brother to me. Not to mention all the stubbornness and bad things he showed and did. He listens to me when I gave him advices. He cried whenever something is up. He has the enthusiasm I don't. I get distracted easily while he doesn't. He has the determination a man needs to survive in life. He's smart when his thinking is required. His self-esteem is nowhere to be questioned. That's what I see in him. A very fine man, he will be.

To ; Baby brother, Munir Iskandarian Karnadi

I will always love you. You are my other half. I just want to be a sister to you. Not as an inspiration, you'll look up to when your world is about to fall apart. Not as a good child, who'll lead your path in choosing what's good and bad in your life. I'm sure you can do it by yourself. I just know it. You'll be a good person in future. Take a good care of yourself, baby brother. Marry a good woman and have cute babies. That's a ll I want for you to be. A successful person !

"Family are the only people you will hate so much but can't live without. Appreciate them while they're around. Love them as much as you can." - Nia Mustika

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