Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i want to make a confession

hey kamu ! satu perkara yang aku ingin kamu tahu, aku sukakan kamu . sangat-sangat . tapi sayang, kamu hanya melihat aku sebagai teman . i just want you to say that one word . seeing you having a happy life, i'm happy too . i put this smile when i saw you . so, that you won't know how hard my life is . i wish we never met cause you gave me so much sufferings and tears, but still loving you is the best moment ever eventhough my heart aches so hard . sometimes, i have this imagination . that we are happily falling in love together that i don't want to wake up anymore . i wish this dream will be a reality so that i can have happiness in my life . i know eventhough in real life you won't see me . but hoping is the only thing i can do now . please, at least see me once . smile at me . when i opened my Facebook, i can only  see your profile . it gave me so much happiness doing it . seeing your pictures . how happy you are . there is tears flowing . every single day when i opened my eyes in the morning , i want to see you . please keep watching and guarding me from now on . if i cry  because of you promise me you will hug me tightly . that's the moment i would sincerely wish for . but i just can't fall in believing it will happen caise it won't when you have your eyes on other girls and not me .

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