Saturday, August 21, 2010


" Aku teringin nak further study kat oversea. Nak masuk Utusan Harian buat salam perantau untuk family and kawan-kawan. Then, kenal kawan-kawan kat sana yang aku sure fabulous gila. "

.a few places yang aku pilih tuk further study.

Seoul, South Korea
erm i've been contacting a few students who's currently furthering their study in Korea. It was awesome and thanks to Facebook that I found them. They've been so helpful to me. So, they told me that it's not that hard to live there and  around 500++ Malaysia students there only on Seoul. It's a good suprise to know that people can live there. And halal foods are not that hard to be found.

London, United Kingdom
i choose London because i think that it would be easy for me to further my study there since i have three cousin who are currently furthering their study there. So, they can be so helpfun to me since i have to adapt the new lifestyle.

Houston, United States of America
my cousin just moved there with his family since he got a great offer from his company to start a new headquarter there. So, i'm thinking about studying there since i have family there.

i hope things would get better and Mama and Papa would let me go to any of those places coz i'm dying for this.I've been waiting for this opportunity to come and here it is .
just in front of my eyes

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