Thursday, August 19, 2010

.boys over flowers special entry.

i've been watching Boys Over Flowers Korean version like 3 times and i never get tired of it.the reaction whenever i watched it still the same like i used to watch it for the first,today i just feeling like writing about this drama which has caught so many attentions that the other version - Japanese and Taiwaniese.Well i can say that the Korean production have more courages and efforts to create this drama.I mean if this Korean is created in Malaysia I wonder if there is even a person who could stand wacthing it for 3 seconds ?

-some reviews-

Ji Hoo sunbae

Ha Je and Jandi

Ji Hoo and Jandi

Ji Hoo's house
[i wish he would fall in love with me]

Jun Pyo and Jandi

i love this scene so mucho

Jun Pyo give a heart-star-moon necklace to Jandi
so romantic

i bet every girls would dream to be Geum Jandi.she's so lucky to be a round with the F4 wangjang[princes].when i watched this drama for the first time i can say i'm really into it.can't even miss even an epi and every single second i'm just screaming out loud.

i pick Ji Hoo as my heartthrob
so dont any of you dare to get close to him,ok ?

-only mine-


  1. haha ~
    jun pyo ker sape2 ker suke at ko la..
    ehem paan nak letak mne ?
    hee ~
    dun touch my jihoo suda !