Saturday, August 14, 2010


once in my life i have this 'perselisihan hidup'
biase la persilisihan di antara childhood and adolesence.mmg byk yg berubah.
mase form 1 i've been placed in a class based on an examination.sgt biase especially to an elite school like mine.i'm one of the top 10 in that class for my final,before starting a new year for my second year there,i thought things would be better an i would be placed in the first three classes.well i guess things change.msok klas yg bley dikatekan 'i hate it like hell'.tp a year there changes me a lot.i've built a new me there.jmpe kwan2 yg ok.then,my third year i dont expect to be in the first three classes anymore since i've gain strength no matter where i would be.that's what i always thought.but then things change again.i was placed in the first class.i was so happy but then i know it's hard for me to study there since everybody is much clever than me.i was in a dilemma for a very long's a war in Alpha.every single day i woke up and sat on the chair thinking if i should go to school today.i just dont get it what is the point of going to school if i have to be in a position where i feel pain and being disrespect and ignored.i wasnt used with new friends so i always try to be with my old circle of friends.they've changed.people always thought that my place in the first class is not because i'm clever enough to be in it but because of my mother.she's one of the PIBG's secretaries in my's a burden to me.i dont want to be in such school where people hate day,mom told me that if i'm not going to school,what kind of person i'll end up to be.that time i started to think.klu aku xpegi sekolah,aku nak jadi ape.then,i went to school.i have a mission.i need to sucess.people need to know that i have my right to be in that class and not because of my mother.i tried to make new friends.well they are fun.and dalam klass tue la aku jumpe bffs aku.

Ainin Sofia
Nik Nasuha
Raihan Mardhiah
Aiysha Ghazali
Syaimaa Sanusi
Hisyam Hamzah
Hanif Hassan
Amirul Hakimi
Wan Mohd Zaid
Lokman Aziz
Shahida Bustama
Izwani Izani
Fasihah Suhada
Haifa Fazwin

and ramai lagi.they are good people.i can say that the place yg aku duduk skrang xkan dicapai kerana 4 perkara :-

1-pencipta aku Allah swt.yg senantiase berada di sisi aku xkre aku susah atau senang.wlupun kdg2 aku cm terlupe untuk bersyukur dgn nikmat yg die bg
2-tentulah sbb parents aku yg sentiase bg support.berjaga tyme aku ade major exam.bgun buat milo or kopi sbb xnak bg aku ngantuk.ajar aku tuk pandai jaga diri.and always be the best
3-umi ngan abi yang sentiase bg sokongan especially form 5 punyer teachers.umi yana,umi zainab,abi saupi,abi rosli,umi rahimah,umi asma and ramai lagi.mereka la yg bantu aku tuk dapat rsult SPM yg ok la.xdela truk sgt wlupun bley kire sket klu nak banding ngan kwan2 aku yg berebut2 jd best students.
4-kawan2 yg sgt banyak membantu.mereka2 di atas adalah kawan2 yg mne tyme aku rse diri nie plg bodoh sbb berkawan ngan best students dorang akan dtg tolong.mereka adalah orang2 yg aku xkan malu tuk bertanya itu ini and nampak bodoh sbb xtaw even the simplest theory in maths pown.and thanks a bunch for that guys.

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