Thursday, October 17, 2013

Personal Post #1

I am sitting here on my bed with my legs tightly close to my chest and my laptop in front of me. It's 3.24 in the morning and it's funny how times like this that I really feel the need to write words. But, I guess that is me. I don't feel anything until it is 3.24 in the morning and I am sad. I am shifting my right leg because it makes me numb to sit in this form for an hour long already.

Today, I accompanied my best friend to her boyfriend's sister's wedding. It was such a nice wedding with yellow and grey theme. Weddings are always nice to attend; simply because it is all about happiness. At least on that very day. I say that because not all weddings last as long as we think, like my parents for example.

Funny, how I think about all these things when it is clearly the time I should be soundly asleep. But I am a night person as in I am not a morning person. I rarely write on my blog because I think blog is not so very personal, but I have been meaning to write, truly. I guess, I am just out of ideas. But tonight, I just want to scribble whatever wanders in my mind and write.

Would that be okay?
I hope it is.

I went there with my other two best friends; boys, which makes us four. So, when we were eating at the wedding, my best friend's boyfriend sat with us and he rarely talked. I knew this side of him already. Today was not my first time seeing him, it was the second. And, I can conclude that he is not very talkative. On our way home, we talked about how compatible my best friend is with her boyfriend as it was the first time my other two best friends seeing him. That is the thing with my best friends whenever we see each others' girlfriend or boyfriend. We say what we need to say, if s(he) is a nice person or not and then the word of approval comes along.

I think that is nice. To be approved by your best friends to be in a relationship because best friends know us best.

Boy 1: He is nice.
Boy 2: He is.
Girl 1: But he is quite, isn't he?
Boy 2: That is how this works. You are talkative so you get the one who is quite. That is how you guys matched.
Me: /Most of the times, I keep quite and listen to their talks because I don't really talk. I look out the window and wonder what kind of person would be compatible with me/
Girl 1: I guess it is.
Me: Do you think I would get a talkative or quite guy?
They: .................................
Me: Because I am not too quite and not too talkative?
They: That is our answers.
Girl 1: You are hard to figure. I just figured that out.

So, that is me. Even my best friends don't know what kind of person I am. Like they say almost all the time, "You are hard to figure."

Am I?

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