Sunday, May 5, 2013


So, hey guys. It's been awhile I guess. 

I basically have nothing to say here. I'm thinking of posting new pictures of my favorite bands but I don't think half of my readers (if there is any, of course), know them. Like they aren't even popular. They don't hit millions of views on Youtube until yesterday. I am so glad their music is finally recognizable to few people. They hit a million views on Youtube yesterday and I mean that is a big deal to me okay. 

Enough with bands talk. Cause I know Imma rant about them all nights and days and my stories of them will never have an ending. Call me a crazy fangirl but who cares, music is my fucking life.

Oh yeah, we're having General Election today, which is kinda annoying to me. These are my reasons;
  1. There is too much of little talks. Just shut up and do your job as the people of Malaysia. I have no idea why there is a need to talk about their opponents' weaknesses. That is just bullshit.
  2. Most annoying little talks are from people who aren't even eligible to vote, I mean underage teenagers who get like emotional on Facebook and Twitter and all social networks and I'm like wow where is my popcorn lemme scroll my timeline and watch dramas there is so many.
  3. I was on my way home with my parents like few days ago and there was this flashmob around my city which was a lot more annoying because they were disturbing traffics and our car got stopped in the middle of the road by a motorcycle, who was trying to give ways to their people because of the flashmob. You get what I mean? That was just so immoral and unethical to me. If you wanna have campaigns or flashmobs, go ahead and have it your way I don't care but please, it's just so wrong to give others troubles. If you can't even lead your own people and followers, how can you expect yourself to lead a country?

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