Friday, April 26, 2013


So, I just watched Heroes and I would like to share something in here even though this would probably be read by nobody except me. There is Peter and Nathan, two siblings with abilities of flying and absorbing others’ powers. It sounds ridiculous, I know. But if you have watched this drama series, I believe you would know that everything I’m saying makes sense. But, I’m not here to talk about their abilities. I’m here to talk about their relationship as brothers who love each other so much not even the sky could reach their amount of love if it is to be measured by sky and earth. And somehow, something occurs to the older brother, Nathan who decided to let go of his brother’s hand just after he jumped off a building. Here it is, Peter who needs to let go of his only brother's hand and Nathan, who has to let go his life because he couldn't take any second of it. Not anymore. And that very moment, their last conversation wrenches my heart. Letting go is a very hard task for a human being to work on. But, sometimes, letting go is the only way out of our miserable life and I think of what would have happened if my brother jumps off a building and I save him but he doesn’t want to be saved? I think we have been through a lot, almost everything and I think maybe I could skip death but nobody skips death. Nobody, not even the livings can keep on being in denial after the loved ones’ death.

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