Saturday, August 11, 2012

New things.

Hey guys,

It's awesome to be back here to blogging. I kinda miss everything about writing but when I have something good to write, I lose the confidence that were once in me. I don't think I can write beautifully written words and the feeling sucks to death. But, I can't live without writing cause it's almost like my second life and there's always the need to write something you know. So, here I am, writing my new post. I'm sorry, if it kinda outta topic sometimes.

The thing about my life now is that it's very complicated. I get mad most of the times and I don't like people that much nowadays. Yeah, it does sound pathetic, anyway. People are just so annoying with their stories. I can keep listening to their stories for like three times, the most, but I'll get very bored at the fourth and I don't know why some people are just too dumb to actually see that I'm yawning and getting sleepy. I don't want to be rude so I just keep giving them hints like I need to go to the toilet or I'm sorry we can't hang out today.

I'm entering my second month of holiday and I was like, "Oh God, finally". Being home is just boring and boring and boring and it repeats to infinity. I don't mind if there's someone I can talk to and just do something together,  but I don't cause both of my parents are working and my brother isn't home as he's in KL. Forever alone is the right words for me, right now. So, I find a few things that I can do when I'm by myself and they are, CHESS, RUBIX CUBE and DOODLES.

CHESS, as widely known is a very good games for your brain. I learned chess when I was twelve and I have this memory of me being so addicted to it but no one in my family is really into it as I am. It kinda hard for me to play it by myself and thankfully, after my father bought me the iPad, they have CHESS games in the Apps store and I get it right away. Chess, practically is very good to increase your thinking skill even though it might take quite some time to learn it. Trust me, honey, it's worth it.

And, RUBIX CUBE on the other hand, it trains your brain to think faster and technically, it's very good for students and workers who need to use their thinking skill in their daily life. It also improves your balance of thinking and most students have a better understanding after they learned how to play RUBIX CUBE.

Well, for DOODLES, it's nothing much. I learned how to doodle a month back cause doodle monsters are very cute and it's easy to draw them and you can actually portray your creativity in drawing. This is one of the best ways to express yourself. From doodling, you'll find yourself drawing so much imaginative characters that mostly unimaginable to others. You can also explore a variety of monsters in your head that are usually cannot be expressed through yourself but can be expressed through doodling.

So, if you're in a very long semester break and you feel so boring, you can learn these amazing games and doodles as well. At least, you got something better for yourself and have the chance to discover yourself more, right ?

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