Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm A Directioner

Hello, Zayn. Hello, Liam. Hello, Harry. Hello, Niall and Hello Louis ! I'm insignificantly definitely ridiculously in love with you guys. OMG, you guys are five amazing cute guys and I'm serious. No kidding. I mean, how can you guys be so hot, right ? It doesn't make sense at all. I love What Makes You Beautiful. So, ear catchy. And Gotta Be You too. It's so different from the first single but I still like it. A little bit slow but the arrangement wasn't disappointing at all.  And now, with One Thing and it's in acoustic version. Oh la di da, boys, you got me !

Psss I really love you guys so much. Please come to Malaysia.
I bet you'll have a lot of fun though it's hot here :)

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