Friday, August 5, 2011

A Secret Conversation Between Me and Hazeeq

Hazeeq : Are you Cik Zan (referring to my mother) ?

Me : No, honey. I'm too young to be Cik Zan. 

Hazeeq: Then, who are you ?

Me : I'm her daughter.

Hazeeq : Ouh you are Cik Zan's daughter. Then, what's your name ?

Me : Yes, honey. You can call me Cik Nia. 

Hazeeq : Ouh okay Cik Nia.

---- A few moments later ----

Hazeeq : Cik Nia (3X)

Me : Hmph (too tired to say yes)

Hazeeq : There's a car in this room. Can I play with it ?

Me : No, Hazeeq. That's my brother's car. He'll be mad at me if he knows someone has touched his car.

Hazeeq : But it looks like my favorite car.

Me : Is it ?
Hazeeq : Yeah. Okay okay. I'm not going to touch it. I'm just going to sit on this  bed and have a look at the car. Can I ?

Me : Promise ?

Hazeeq : Yeah.

---- Hazeeq's looking at my brother's car collection with a cute poor face ----

Me : Okay, since you insisted, I'll give you a chance to play with it. But you need to promise me that you will take a good care of it. Will you ?

Hazeeq : Okay, Aunty. I will. Thank you.

Me : *Aunty dia panggil aku * while smiling.

He's too smart to be fooled as others kid. It's great tp have that kind of kid as your child.

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