Friday, August 5, 2011

Hazeeq : A New Kid In The House With A Strong UK's Accent

Hello peeps ;)
Let me introduce you guys to this little cute chubby comel comel rasa macam nak gigit creature named Hazeeq. He's my cousin's son. He was born here in Malaysia but as soon as he reached a few months, he flew to the United Kingdom to live there with his parents, my cousin.

Six years have passed and now he's back to Malaysia, his homeland. The bad thing is he can't speak Malay. And his UK's accent that he brings altogether, man you gotta be kidding me, it is too strong. I need to take a few hours to actually understand what he really wants to say and thanks God, he got attached to me easily. We became good friends I guess ? Hahaha.

The bad thing is I'm going to babysit him for a month as his parents are going back to UK. You know, ME ? Nia Mustika ? Babysitting ? Nahhh, it's a total catastrophe. Being able to hold a kid is amazing for me. Handling a kid ? It must be a miracle. Me, I am afraid of children. They are fragile creatures, hard to be handled, yet loved by many ;)

He has grew up to be this handsome boy. Everybody will be captivated by his accent and looks. I guess surrounding does affect how a child will look like. When I saw my mother happily playing with Hazeeq, there are times when some random crazy thoughts came in my mind like ;

"Maybe I should be married in two years time with him so I can give my mom a great grandchildren. So, she can at least play with her grandchildren before she's gone."

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