Monday, June 13, 2011

These are ARTS, DBSK, and love

How I wish for one of these ;) RayBan

I could barely walk in this heel ;D

 I have a fashion diaries once when I was a kid

This is arts

Ferris wheels. A vivid memory always comes when I saw this

 WEIRD enough ?

How I wish I can wear something like this and still look gorgeous

Yeah, I do, Park Yoochun-sshi

Hey, he's mine. Stay out for a mile okay ?

 I've spent half of my teenage life cheering for these guys

It's a damn heartbreaking news when I know they've disbanded

I thought this is what we suppose to believe in

I'll believe in DBSK forever. I am a Cassie forever. 
And he's the reason behind all those belief ;) 
Thankyou, Park Yoochun

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