Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thanks To A Friend : I've Survived

I've lived life for almost 20 years now and I had met a few types of people. Some are cool, some are just so-so and the rest are awesome. That's why they are my best friends. Five years and counting. High school was a great place. I met my best friends there. I'm blessed to have the destiny to meet them. I am grateful. I do :)

When I encountered UIA PJ, things were great. I had great roomates and orang sebelah but not classmates. Well I mean my classmates are cool but they weren't the kind of friends I would hang out with. That's what I feel for them. I'm sure it will be useless and waste of time only. I won't feel the joyness and happiness with them. My roomates are awesome people. We got along and survived a year and a half of matriculation. I almost got a depression attack when I encountered UIA Kuantan for my degree study. It was no fun at first. Not the environment either the class situation and friends too. No one was awesome until I met Ain Asyiqin Teeq Hafni and Maryam Syahirah.

But here, I want to dedicated my special thanks to Maryam Syahirah since I've done a few entries about Ain Asyiqin and Teeq Hafni already. This one is for Mayam who's now my roomates. She's a nice girl from Sungai Buloh. I knew her since our second sem in Matric. But at that times, we were not really that close and we are here in Kuantan.

And now, it's almost six months since I personally knew her. She was awesome, a good listener and a good adviser. I owe her a lot. I do :) thanks Mayam sebab selalu jaga aku especially bila aku kena gastric. She knew what it feels like. Gastritis. Painful I just want to die thing.

And today, we had our last class for UNGS2040. Walaupun masuk class keje tidur je, kitaorg enjoy camtu. Hahaha. Alaahh tapi sape yang tak ngantuk bila Razak si foreigner tu mengajar aku memang tak paham apa dia nak cakap senanya. Aigoo. We took a few pictures together just to make them our memories.

Thank you, girl for always being there for me

Haa ni first time kita org ambik gambar denga foreigner yang reti cakap Melayu. Nama dia Sanah. Kawan aku lelaki minat gila dengan dia ni haa. Sumpah. Kalau kuar dengan kawan aku tuu, mesti dia selalu cite pasal Sanah ni. Sanah ni duduk dekat negara Arab. Kat mana tu taktahu aa. Dia comel gila kot. Muka dia kecik jeee :( jealous I tawww.

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