Sunday, July 11, 2010

to Papa,i'm sorry

To Dad,

Dad,you always said that you have the best daughter in the world,that you are proud with me whenever I show you my results.UPSR,PMR,SPM and even my entrance to UIA.I've been through a lot.But for this time I have to say sorry.I've made a mistake.A huge one.And it flew my words away that i've nothing to say except sorry.I know you'll say it is okay to fail,sometimes.But still in your heart,there would be a moment when you'll feel that I haven't done my best and that you hope that I'll do better.I was embrassed,ashamed with the world today.I've failed to be strong like I've promised you before.I've failed to make it big like I used to.

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  1. ko thu dah buat yg smile for it proudly dear!=)