Thursday, May 13, 2010

i'm i not normal?

well through out the school years people would call me crazy because of my addiction to korean things.drama,musics and cultures...i just dont get it..what is so wrong about learning other cultures...i've been in malaysia for quite sometimes...well of course that means since i was born,18 years ago...hhu~i started to fall in love in korea a few years ago when a friend of mine gave me a korean drama..she said u should at least watch this one..i watched and in no time i've started to follow every single drama on tv..but then i started to follow their musics and all those things...huhu~for the last half a years i learned the language..hangul..watching the drama and listening to their music makes me want to learn their language...for me they spoke in a very formal ways..very soft-spoken and well structured of sentence...and now people is calling me korean spot whereby they ask me a lot of questions they want to know about korean...i'm now normal..hehe~

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