Thursday, May 13, 2010


btol la kan..awk ngan saye mne nk sme..rupe pown lain..unless u're my twin which i dont have..keke~erm i wish i have must be fun...saya sgt suka melihat kehidupan...i can spend my whole day at the shopping mall or any places which have a lot of people...crowded places...xtaw memerhatikan kehidupan ini..cmner dorg rnjoy menjalani setiap saat dalam hdup is fun...and i love taking pictures..that's why i wish my mom would buy me a nikon cam for my coming least i have that wish...animals,flowers and human beings...these are the most important elements in our life..they are all around us...air makes us to feel alive...and  eyes makes us feel that this world is beautiful enough...

i was born on 25 September...18 years ago..well due to some bad memories that i had in my childhood time i wasnt really remember what life i have lived..was it fun or sad??i dont kno.../tried to ask my mom a few times but the answer rather makes me sad than happy..with a mom wants just to keep it as a secret...she said there is nothing unusual about my childhood life..she said i live a life as any other kids would live their life..since then i stopped to ask her any questions about it anymore...huhu~

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