Thursday, October 31, 2013

I see & I hear

I keep seeing you in my dreams,
I ask, are you following me?
Funny, how when you mutter the words,
I couldn't hear you.

I see you when I am stalking the stars and the moon,
I see you when I am walking in between the flowers,
I see you when I am eating my red velvet cake as desert,
I see you when I am closing my eyes trying to sleep.

I keep hearing your footsteps,
I ask, why are you here?
Ironic, how when I start to feel you,
You are disappearing with every touch I make.

I hear your heart beats slowly and steady,
I hear the sound you make when you are breathing,
I hear the thumping blood vessels under your skin,
I hear your bones straining under your body weight.


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