Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Style is Everything

New year is here and old fashion is a 'NO'. Say 'YES' to 2012 NEW SEASON ! I've picked a few clothes and make them in to something you can wear every day. Since I'm just a simple-minded person, the clothes, pants, outwears, shoes and bags are also very simple.

To some people, DENIM might be so Britney and Justin ! Well, I think it's the time for denim to be back on track. With a navy blue jeans and light blue collar denim shirt, your day is simply perfect. Ouh yeah don't forget, our second best friends, shoes ! Nude color makes everything more perfect.

Second style consists only black and white colors. Black and white are most probably the basic colors where all colors can match them. So, for the shirt, I chose stripped black and white shirt with a black skinny jeans. Then, I picked a white jacket to be matched with the skinny jeans and shirt. Black vintage bags and black stiletto complete your outwear. And to make your day even brighter, I chose a pair of silver earing to match with the style.

The third style consists most probably black color with some maroon color. The shirt and skinny jeans are black, matched with black and white parka. Maroon color handbag from GUCCI completes the style. Let me tell ya, that handbag might be very expensive, but I can ensure you, that you'll be very satisfied to have one Gucci in your collection. No joking. It's worth it. Go grab it now, guys !

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