Sunday, November 27, 2011


I'm not gonna say "Ouh, now I have enough reason why I should hate Nina Dovrey. She's been with Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder. She hold Liam Payne's hands which to me is the most painful thing to see. And now, I mean now, she's with Zayn Malik, my hearthrob. And he's grabbing her waist." OMG, can you believe that ? Yeah, the way I write it, you must think I hate her so much. But the truth to be told, yeah I HATE HER.

But well, that's how teenagers in UK or USA live their life. They are not the one to be blamed. I know, I exaggerate it a bit but who give a damn ? No one reads my blog, so, basically I can write whatever I want.

To Zayn Malik ;
Man, I love you so much. I do.
I saw you with Miley Cyrus twice.
It's nothing. But this, this is a NO !


  1. u two are a beautiful couple. i like it. love u nina. love u tooooooo zayn malik

  2. me again. don't let people get to u nina. u are a beautiful lady. u can have any man u want.

    love u
    Princess Taylor

  3. she never went out with paul