Friday, November 4, 2011

Quick Update #1

Hello, my sayang muahmuah :D
It's been forever since I last updated my berhabuk blog. OMG I love this thing. It keeps me alive for a few years already. I'm home for my mid break holiday and that's the only reason why I can update my blog now. Man, I miss blogging so much you don't know I think I could cry :( tsk tsk.

So, I want to share a few stories. Last weekend, I went for a five days holiday to KL with my mother and my father. Daddy and Mommy are so amazing that they gave me a permission to skip a few classes on Tuesday and Thursday. They are so understanding. Well, that's basically because thay wanted me to be there to be my brother's company ! Poor me, I'm just a sidekick ;( haha. Nahhh, I'm kidding, people. I went back to KL with my soulmate, Maryam Syahirah. Our bus was on 800 in the morning and do notice that I'm not a morning person and it was a miracle that I woke up that morning. Eemm thanks to a guy for being my alarm clock with three missed call before I picked up to his fourth call. HAHAHAHA !

 We arrived at KL Central around 100PM and we were starving. We ate nothing in the morning and our stomach had been singing the whole I'm fungry monster song. Damn it. Hahaha. So, we decided to have our lunch in Secret Recipe :) amazing.

This was my face after I ate the whole plate of pasta. LOL, I look pathetic. And I look too purple.

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