Monday, November 28, 2011

I Love Cute Boys ♥

Now, girls, I know you're drooling all over your face but okay restrain yourself please ! This is Zac Efron, yeah I used to adore him like a lot. I'm obsessed with him. Watched him on The High School Musical a few years back. Ouh God I miss those days.  And he was so damn hot. Not to mention he's hotter now. I love his eyes and his smile. The eyes, is it only me or his eyes are just so well you know that blue ocean eyes are just so mesmerizing as I'm looking at the stars.

I don't know about others, but I love his past relationship with Vanessa Hudgens. I think they were a match made in heaven. I think they made a really good couple. He's cute. And V is a really, gorgeous and good looking girl. But eventually, nothing last forever right ? They broke up. I'm a little bit disappointed when I heard the news. But rather than being sad, happiness knocked me off. Of course I'm happy when he's single. I know my possibility to be his next girlfriend is almost 0.01 percent but hey who cares ? I might get the chance one day, right ? Lol jk :)

P/S : I miss us like hell 

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