Saturday, August 27, 2011

Uudamu : A Boy Who Loves His Mother More Than Anything Else

This might be one of the most sad stories I have ever heard in my entire life. Wondering who's this boy ? Let me tell you guys about the story and sadness this boy has been carrying for his 11 years of life. He was named as Uudamu. A Mongolian boy who participated in China's Got Talents and moved so many hearts across the country with his amazing and soft voice. He sang a song to his mother titled My Mother in My Dream. He lost his mother when he was eight years old in a car accident. The equipment in the hospital weren't enough to help his mother lengthen her life and she died in her son's arms. I guess eight is an age too young to feel how broken your heart can be. And then, he lost his father when he was 11, also in a accident. Since that incident, he stopped talking and the only thing he would do is crying all day long. He said that her mother loves the song that he sang on China's Got Talents the most and that's why he decided to go with that song. When he misses his mother, he would sleep, so he can dream that his mother is by his side.

And today, he became one of the famous Youtube stars. Performing here and there and people keep asking about his sad story. He has lost his soul the moment his father died. He couldn't even cry nowadays. The pain became the one thing he is so used to feel. And some people would never understand that kind of pain he has. He wants to forget about the past and live his life carrying his dream to meet his parents in heaven. They asked him to cry, so they can gain more rating and viewers. And this kid, he's just too young to know that people have been using his story to gain profit. The world is cruel. And it will always be, my boy. Remember that. 

I don't think it is right for him to get all attentions from the world. It's true, he moved so many hearts and he got so many loves, but somehow, attention can change or affect people in a very scary way. He is too young to be exposed to those attention he doesn't need. The only thing he needs right now, is the love from the people who really love him and want to prove him that world can be beautiful as long as you know how cherish all those sweet moments. He needs a normal life as a young boy. Not a growing boy who gains popularity and attention through his sad story.


  1. What a strong boy. I wonder his life after the China Got Talent competition. Hope he can complete his education well.

  2. My heart goes out to this young, beautiful soul, an epitome of strength in the face of unspeakable grief. God bless your young heart, your magnificent spirit, Little Prince Uudam.