Monday, August 22, 2011

Rayyan Mirza : Si Comel Berdarah Melayu Yang Nampak Macam Anak Mat Saleh

Hello peeps ;

Have a nice morning. It's maybe a nice surprise for some of you to see me, Nia Mustika updating my blog early in the morning, isn't it ? I just want to post a picture of my cousin's son again. But this is another cousin's son. It's from my Dad's side. 

This is Rayyan Mirza. Si comel bermata coklat cair yang nampak macam kacukan tapi sebenarnya memang darah Melayu tade campur langsung pun haha ;D

Anyonyo omeinya Ayern. I missed the way he calls me Cik Nia.

Photoshoot for Raya. And he was in the running for Pa & Ma's cutest baby tournament actually.

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