Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm not happy, I'm not sad, I'm just normal

Hello, peeps ;)

I wonder if people can feel their own heart beats ? You know, the feeling you got when you feel something. Cause I don't. Whenever I bumped into a poor kid who's wandering around the street asking for money from the people around them, somehow, they must feel sad about how pathetic their lives are. I don;t know if most people have the same thought as I am. I don't feel happy. Not until I have things I want. But it doesn't last forever and that makes me want to have more things I don't need.

Things are always normal. It's too normal, it makes me scared.

If these 14000 things can make me happy and smile all day long and laugh out loud I hurt my stomach, I'll buy it. But I know, it couldn't. 

In the sound of traffic, I lost my soul. I want to get it back. But I couldn't find my way out.

I'm such a sleepyhead. I sleep so much just to forget the emptiness I'm feeling. It hurts too much sometime. But cuddling with you makes me forget all stupid things.

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