Sunday, August 7, 2011

Harry Potter, KPop, Shopaholic, Unique Name, Books Freak and Skinny

Hello peeps ;)
I'm sure you guys are wondering what the hell is wrong with my entry this time. Well, those words represent me very well, actually. I am a Harry Potter die hard fan, Kpop freak, a stand still shopaholic, have an unique and rare name, love books so much and too skinny for my height. I'll explain it to you, don't worry, love.

Harry Potter
I'm sure most of the people know the story yet not so many of them read all the seven books themselves. But me, I am different. I was introduced to Harry Potter a little bit late for my age at that time. Fourteen years old. I started reading the first book of Harry Potter titled Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone after my friend suggested me to read it. Well, I gave it a try and never have any regrets of it. I have all the seven books of Harry Potter bought by my own collected money. They are my private collection. I felt so much joy whenever I've finished one book to another and kept waiting for the new one to be published. And now, after the Part 2 of the seventh movies of Harry Potter premiered, I was devastated. I grew up to be a fan and Harry Potter has been a part of my childhood memories. I'll miss how that eager feeling of waiting for the next books and movies to come out. Those characters in the books, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. All those spells I used to remember and imaginations of being a wizard and entering Hogwarts. I'll miss every single scent of it.

Knowing Kpop, it was also unintended. I was introduced to it by my friend at the age of fifteen years old. One of the earliest freak in the house. I was attracted to Kim Kibum, a member of Super Junior. And it grew to be a passion. I was in love to those musics, dramas, dances, movies. I felt, OMG, this wasn't something Malaysia's entertainment industry can achieve in two three years times. Most of them have the real talents to be what they are defined. They did something they are really good at. The viewers are having fun watching their shows and acting. I know it cause I did and today half of the living human beings on this earth are feeling the same thing !

I would like to call this a talent. OMG, I love shopping so much. I love money. I'm working very hard to get a good result here in studying so that I can get a good, well paid job in future so every single weekend I can spend those money on something I love. You know, bags, shoes, clothes, nail arts, hairs. Ouh you name it. It's also a disease, too dangerous when you couldn't even find a cure for it. I can spend like 500 bucks a day just for shopping. Yeah did that a few times. Never got tired of it, even though my Daddy gave me a few warnings already. Shopping and wearing new clothes, both make you to feel pretty and confidence. But, too bad, it doesn't last longer than I think it wouuld.When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it's not, and I need to do it again.And that's how the cycle goes on.

You know that thing when you see someone cute and he smiles and your heart kind of goes like warm butter sliding down hot toast? Well that's what it's like when I see a store. Only it's better. 

 I can't speak Prada but I think I'm cool enough to be able to speak Guess, too good at Roxy and currently learning on how to speak Burberry and Louis Vuitton.

Unique Name
Hmph, on what base should I explain this thing to you ? My Daddy loves Nusantara thing so much, while My Mom, she used to live in Bandung, Indonesia and she can speak Jawa and Sunda so well. FYI, this story begins when I was named as Siti Sonia Mustika. Full name. And I hate it. That's why I always use Nia Mustika. It sounds better I guess. And yeah I feel good when I pronounce it to the people I just knew. Haha, it's funny somehow when people tell me, how good my name is. Other people, they always have tendency to like others' names instead of theirs. Same thing here.

Books Freak
I hate books because they made me into a complete fool when I saw them. I just couldn't stand their old books' scents. Bookstore filled with books and there are so many paths you want to go through one by one while knowing it will take you forever to do that but you still want to do it, because you're too afraid you'll miss some good, great, well written books in one of the paths you've missed. Yes, it's a disease. I built a mini library in my room. Seeing those books, perfectly arranged, ouh god that feeling, you couldn't even interpret my feelings into words.

This term, I hate it the most. Skinny here doesn't mean I have a nice body perfect with S Curve, nahhh totally opposite thing. I am too skinny for my height. 165CM with 45KG, it isn't in balance. I couldn't even wear a heels, well yes because I don't know how to walk in those creepy things, but most of all, it is because I'm afraid I'll look like an alien walking in shoes made for human. I have long legs, my friends said they  looked great when I wore a jeans, yeah but I didn't feel good about it. I think they're too weird.

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