Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hanging Out with The So Called Family at 200 AM

Hello peeps :)

I'm just going to have a quick update here. Actually I just got back from Kota Bharu. Me, my Dad and my Mom had a two hours of family time in Pengkalan Chepa. It was an amazing date for the three of us. We barely can see each other even at home. My parents are very busy with their jobs and we are not really in that so called normal family state anymore. It was hard to even say hey and have dinner or breakfast together. But we tried to make it as normal as we can. 

My dad suggested for a hang out in KB and PC, so, we went to this Ridel Hotel. Checked out and there was nothing special except some mushroom soups and tuna's sandwiches. So, we went to PC and found this open restaurant, selling some seafood called 'kerang' and also 'satay'. So, we decided to give it a try and that 'kerang' was awesome. You guys gotta try it out by yourself, readers.I was on track for like two hours, eating, laughing to my Dad's story, trying to make like I am a normal girl, too excited to have 'kerang' for her first time. Yeah, not worth even a try I know guys. 

I'm just too happy that I got this envious glances from some other girls. I knew they are jealous of my family. I mean, they should be as I have a pair of sporting Mom and Dad, who could go out like 200 in the morning for God's sake and have a nice hang out with their only daughter, laughing out loud to my Dad's story. 

It must be nothing for others, but for me yeah it does. I want to have a normal family. I want my family to sit at the table whenever we have breakfast, lunch, evening tea, and dinner. But, I know, it's hard for a working family like us.

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