Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Brother is in the House

OMG I don't know if I'm just too excited that my brother is home or what but yeah it's kinda fun having him in the house. It does. This is the first time he has been separating far enough from my parents. 

And here's the guy I've been talking about. 
The guy I love the most after my Mom and Dad -__-"
Ouh I know, this is so annoying, why the hell I'm tearing here ? 

This is my brother ;
Munir Iskandarian Karnadi bin Mohd Nawawi

Yeah, I know his name is kinda unique. Mine too. We always got "What's your name again ?" question. Hahaha, it's funny how my Dad could even have a thought to these kind of names. I mean it's weird, unique, and very very very rare. Well, as expected from my Daddy. He is an amazing Dad. Me and my brother are very lucky to have him in our life. And it will be the end if he's gone.

Hey brother, I love you.

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