Thursday, June 2, 2011

i miss them :)

Things started to become very hard for me. I wasn't paying too much attention to simple stuffs back then. Stuffs like friends, family and life. I've lived life for almost 20 years now. And realizing that God has given me too much chances to appreciate life even more, and with the fact that I've missed all  those chances slipped away just like that. I regret it :(

I miss my friends a lot. They meant a world to me, a life to be exact. They are one of a kind. Special in their own way. Friends who would never leave me alone even after knowing all flaws I have. Friends who would love me for ever and would never have their back turned off from me. We love our friendships because we know how precious it is to us. We know that one day when one of us is gone, the friendships wouldn't be complete anymore. Too much tears have ran on our cheeks. We share the same happiness and sadness. Five years have passed and we're still here. We'll make time whenever everyone's home just to be remembered with those high school's memories again and again.  We made a promise that I'm sure wouldn't be broken so easily :D I adore my friends for their loyalty. 


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