Wednesday, April 27, 2011

GFF stands for Girl Friends Forever

So, a few days back I was searching an old picture of my friends and I. I didn't know why but somehow I miss them a lot back then :) found a few and those pictures touch my heart fondly. We were so happy that even our smile can interpret our happiness too well. 

Aiysha Ghazali, Raihan Mardhiah, Nia Mustika, and 'Ainin Sofia
I'm sorry the Carrypuff Owner Nik Nasuha is not in the picture ;)

These people, they made my life to be so beautifully colored with memories, the bad one nor the good one. And maybe I've told them this so many times, but again and again it wouldn't be enough just to say I love you. We knew each other for ever. We knew each others' flaws and still think we're the best, the most pretty and have the best personality. 

Guys, thankyou for being there during my ups and downs. I love you guys so much and will always miss you. Even though we can only communicate to each other through internet and have a video conference through ooVoo once in while across the world, I will never forget you guys.  

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