Monday, April 25, 2011

And Again a Few Months Entry

Hello people. i'm sorry with the fact that i haven't update my blog for a few bloody months now. I have been very busy with my study. As a maths student i do not expect my life would be so miserable here in Kuantan. Haihhh :'( 

I just finished with my final examinations. A few weeks of tantrums sleepless night tiring day i-only-aet-nasi-lemak day and bla bla bla. And as expected I can't do well in a few subjects such as UNGS MGT and KOS. These subjects need me to memorize all the facts and theories which I do not think are related to us as a Maths Student. The problem is my university can't see that point. It's pointless to tell them that our brain aren't made to memorize complicated complex things. We were made to think and use our brain to solve problems that are related to number. It is simpler and easier than memorizing. You don't have to sit a few damn hours just to remember a fucking useless paragraph fulfilled with theories and facts which other people think as VERY IMPORTANT ! Learning Maths can be very fun as dancing and singing in Glee ;)
Let's learn Maths, lovely people !

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