Friday, November 5, 2010

i love my life

things happen for a very good damn reason , seriously . and i'm grateful for the fact that somehow i managed to figure it out . i'm happy for myself and i have fun living my life till today even though there are some parts where wounds were never healed . i'm not afraid of losing coz i know God plans things better than i expected . of course . He was THE ONE .

i love online , i love internet . i'm addicted to my lappy and i can live sitting in chairs for hours a day . tumblring , blogging , facebooking , twittering , we hearting it . all stuffs . i enjoy myself shopping , window shopping , watching movies in cinema and on saturday's night , listening to some fun ear-catchy musics . i love hanging out with my stupid but amazing smart friends . talking about nothing with them till 3 or 4 in the morning . doing stupid things like just walking at the mall . well that maybe seems a liltle bit confusing but i'm sure you know it . 

i love my parents so damn fucking much . my mama makes the best suprise birthday party for my 19th birthday . she gave me my most favourite-in-the-waiting-list perfume . my papa gave me , all things a girl could be happy with . it's secret . and the most happiest and honoured-to-have gift is of course our new home . oh god i love my new room . everything is there . just there at the perfect place . hand made wardobe . the paints . my king bed replaces my old queen bed . i love bigger things especially diamond . boys outhere , please take notes ok ? HAHA ! just kidding . 

i love anything that are related to Korea . seriously anything . i mean a hell , every inch of the word . i love their dance , acting , actress , actors , singers , and comedians . they did their job perfectly . a comedian knows how to make me laugh . watching their acting make me cringe , crying to death .

and i'm currently patiently waiting for my Mr. Right to take me to the sky .  i know he is somewhere in the world . and i hope he'll be infront of me at the very right second when i need him the most . i'll love him the way he loves me . and i hope our-relationship-to-be will last forever . i always wanted you to be by my side for ever and i hope you will . sad things please go away when happiness is around me . i hate tears . i love bright days . i love spending our times together especially at twilight . the scenery is just amazing . i'll show my love to you , every day . pinky promise . will never break that one . God's will .
last but not least i love my only and only God , Ya ALLAH . thank you for all these bleseed things . thank you for giving me my best family , my fun friends. i love you , i miss you and The Prophet of Muhammad . i know i am not a good person , but i'm trying to be one of them . thanks you so much again and again .

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