Friday, June 18, 2010

i love writing..sangat suke sbnarnye...i want it to be my passion..i want it to be my career..but somehow i just can' just that i can't keep going with the same genre of story...i love fiction but at the same time i know things aren't that well for me...happens all the time..sampai aku da xbley nk elak...

mus ko nie normal lg ker as a human?
yeap i guess i am.asal ko tnye aku cm aku nie dah cm bukan manusia?
nothing,just terase nk tnye...
erm,kind of weird nia...
i know.
hey,do you have any problems,ey?
nope at all.i'm just fine.maybe just......tired of life.
come on.bnda ape ko ckp nie?
haha.dah la..i meant nothing twin..
u know u can count on me ey?
always do.
good then.have some sleeps.i'll see u tomorrow morning.
sure.i'll get some sleep.will i see you again mus?
yeap.i'll wake you up as you miss me?
i miss,me,mom,dad and bro.
don't you?
yeap,me too.i wanna go back.but it will cost hell i guess.haha.
yeah.hell for sure.
mus,are you happy with your life?i mean do you have any purpose of living your life now?
sure i do,nia.i want to make everybody happy with me even i know i'm not capable of it,though.
you're a good'll sure make everybody happy with least mom and dad,ey?
if i'm a good kid then so you are nia?
am i?
almost sleepy?
sort of.
good night,mus.

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