Monday, May 17, 2010


ok sme cm tjuk die..i'm not a good person too so dun expect me to be one..haha~well i do a lot a bad stuffs...maybe it is too common for others...but as the only daughter to my family i need at least change myself...
changes for good wont be that easy usually expecially for me...but i want nie sah2 la bkan baek..nk tgur org pown mlu2...kna teliti dlu dri nie tue la..kdg2 ble da rse menyampah sume aib org just nk mintak maaf la klu2 aq de wt slah ngan kengkwn or anybody else..just in case...mne la taw..mlm nie ajal aq smpai...xsmpat nk mintak maaf..huhu~

ok someone just called me a TAHI STAR..what is that??i mean wasnt it too harsh??..hello choenun oejja...
aishhh...cheomal..he's just a total u hear me??...anyway u're not that good k..bare in your mind that i'm better like thousand times...than you..

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