Sunday, May 23, 2010

i am the spoiled clouds

Your heart is dreamy and in love [in love with kpop for sure] - like clouds spoiled by the setting sun. You are content with what you have in life [yeap2 i am] - and when troubled things cloud your mind and heart, you reach out for someone to help you, and you have close friends and family members who are willing [thanks to them..i'm gonna miss u buddies]. You have deep faith and hope in events and your own life - sometimes things let you down and you forgive but never forget [i guess i am..sometimes rough times make me to just spit it out and say that i hate you]- sometimes things go your way and you most surely grateful.[thanks to Allah swt for giving me a chance to live]...

erm cmtue la idup aq..
forgive but never forget..
bnda yg musti klu nk idup bhagia..

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