Monday, May 24, 2010

s0..aeni aq de tg0k satu k0rean variety sh0w yg gabungkn id0ls n kids...ade la s0rg bdak p0mpuan..nme min ester...cute sgt...die ckp mak die,makcik die[they are not related to each other.the kid and the nun] sume jd nun...tinggal plak kt umah ank maybe die xpham keadaan tue...die ckp die epy sbab ade kuarga yg besar..n die xpenah jmpe her real mother...she said she wants to be a hair dresser...the first person she wants to tie up the hair is her mother cause she thinks that maybe she will gr0w a l0t of grey hair f0r giving birth to her...she wants to die her mother's hair s0 it w0nt look bad...mmg hati die pure gler...the emcee asked her if she ever missed her mother...and her answer is yes..of expected...then the emcee asked again when did she usually miss her mother the m0st...??~it is a hesitating answer for her..she gives a long thought to the question..after a few minutes..she said when it comes to my bed time..i miss my real mother the most and i wish she was there next to me to strike my hair,to cover my cold body in winter with a warm blanket and gives me a good night kiss...but then i realized it will never happen cause i never met my mother...everybody was touched by her story...realizing that they are very lucky to have known their parents and to receive their love...some people just dont get that kind of love...and as for min ester..she's still a kid but she has been through a lot of hardships and i guess she may know the sad fact about her life and think that the only thing to do now is to move on so she can see her mother...ood luck min...:)

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